While the parents learn to know the Aletscharena or enjoy a ski lesson, we take care of your children. As of 2 years, we look after your child carefully. We play, do handcrafts and tell stories, going sledding or others depending on the conditions.

  • 1 hour  35CHF p/day
  • Every hour more 25CHF p/day
  • 1 full day 70CHF (Monday-Friday 10 am – 1 pm)
week 230CHF

kindergarten week 230chf

Monday – Friday 10 am – 1 pm

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As of 4 years, our juniors are welcome to get in touch with ski and snow and will have a lot of fun. How I can turn, how can I stop my skis, how can I move my skis? These and other terms more you learn in the ski kids’ village. Oure top professionals ski teachers are here to help you and get a good basic to improve the technic and to catch the fire to learn more about skiing. The children can warm up or have their break snack during the daily tea break in our premises.

  • information about the history “Snowli”
  • learnings about ski and snow
  • turn, and get up with steps
  • ski downhill, brake and turns

  • Monday – Friday (up to four kids) Meeting Point: 9.45 am  – kids village Fiescheralp
Price: one day 80CHF or 5 days 250CHF

snowgarden week 250chf

Monday – Friday 10 am – 1 pm

snow kids village

  • I am a beginner and have never been on skis before. I will learn to keep my balance and move like a bear.
  • I can move on skis. I start to glide, brake and control my speed like a penguin.
  • can brake and control my speed. I learn to take turns to avoid obstacles like a snake.
  • I can make turns and use the ski lift by myself. I will improve my turns and learn small jumps like a kangaroo.
  • I can jump and make turns. I have the qualities of all the animals of the snowgarden, like Snowli our friend and I’m ready to jump on the big slopes.

snowgarden.step in lesson

If you are ready to get into the snowgarden– the step-in lesson will be a good chance to make the first try. For 1 hour, the youngest will get a quick start in skiing, have a lot of fun and enjoy the first ski experience. You must fix the date in advanced and is bookable only ones.

  • Please fix the hour in advance Monday – Thursday (2 pm – 3 pm) up to two kids
  • Meeting point: kid’s village Fiescheralp at 1.55 pm
Price: 35CHF p/h

step in lessons snowgarden 35chf

Monday – Thursday 2 pm – 3 pm

more step in lessons

The first time on the snow with a snowboard. An ideal introduction for all snow sports enthusiasts.
snowboard.step in lessons

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Especially for children we focus on modern ski education with a high fun factor. While the week the children learn to ski from scratch. The blue.league and red.league is for the beginners and advanced skiers to consolidate their basics to eventually mature into an expert in the black.league. The children can warm up or have their break snack during the daily tea break in our premises.

Experience a week full of fun, tips and tricks:

  • a lot of fun on and off-piste
  • enjoy more than 100km slope in the Aletscharena
  • Ski race with ranking announcement

  • Implementation: Monday – Friday up to four kids
  • Meeting point: 9.45 am, Ski School Fiescheralp
Price: 1 day 80CHF or 5 days 250CHF

week childer 250chf

Monday – Friday 10 am – 1 pm

snow leagues ski

  • Info about the equipment
  • Climbing with stair and shear step
  • Gliding and braking
  • Skiing in parallel ski position with tricks
  • Turning in the plow
  • Video blue.prince
  • Info about the safe use of transport equipment
  • Sloping and tricks
  • Side slides
  • Parallel skiing on simple waves and jumps
  • Plow turns on simple blue slope
  • Video blue.king
  • Info about the rules on slopes (FIS rules)
  • Skiing in mini – pole forest
  • Wave and trough skiing
  • Switsching in V-position with change of direction
  • Plough skiing on varied blue slope
  • Video
  • Info about the warm-up
  • Braking parallel
  • Bow treading on easy slope
  • Waltz
  • Parallel turns
  • Video red.prince
  • Info about the rules in the Snowpark
  • Short turns on simple slope
  • Skate step on simple slope
  • Basic Air (small kicker)
  • Parallel turns with different radii
  • Video red.king
  • Info about nature, forest and landscape
  • Parallel turns in pole couloir
  • Parallel turns “switch”
  • Single leg turns on easy slope
  • Video
  • Info about the material preparation
  • Short turns on difficult slope
  • Jumping and fifty-fifty over box
  • Parallel turns in unprepared snow
  • Carving turns on easy, wide slope
  • Video black.prince

Ski Race

  • Informationen über den Wettkampfsport
  • Parallelschwung «Race»
  • Kurzschwung «Race»
  • Schwungvarianten
    – Carveschwungvarianten (mind. eine)
    – Kurzschwungvarianten (mind. eine)
  • Racetechnik in vorgegebenem Parcours
  • Hocksprung
  • Training / Race (mind. 1):
    – Riesenslalom
    – Slalom

Ski Freestyle

  • Informationen über das Verhalten im Snowpark
  • Parallelschwung «Switch»
  • Straight Air mit Grab (mind. zwei verschiedene Sprünge)
  • Air Trick Spins (180° oder 360°)
  • Pistentricks 180° und Schweden 180°
  • Rotation auf Box oder Rail
  • Freestyle
    – Pipe Basic Run
    – Quarterpipe
    – Skicross

Ski Freeride

  • Info über Sicherheit, Lawinen und Wetter
  • Safety
    – LVS-Suche
    – Lawinenbulletin lesen
    – Linien und Haltepunkte wählen
  • Parallelschwung «Off-Piste» mit Radiuswechseln
  • Spurenbilder/Powder 8
  • Kurzschwingen in Buckeln
  • Air Trick über Powderkicker oder Geländesprünge
  • Gestalterischer Off-Piste Run

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Snowboarding is a fascinating sport, who can learn everybody. Snowboarding is fun, whether you are carving, crab the hand into the snow, make tricks or make the first turns. Our professional snowboard teachers leant to know the basics and help you to develop the technical skills. The children can warm up or have their break snack during the daily tea break in our premises.

  • Fun factor guaranteed
  • boxes, rails and more
  • visit the fun park
  • Implementation: Monday – Friday up to four children
  • Meeting point: 9.45 am Ski school Fiescheralp
Price: 1 day CHF 80 or 5 days CHF 250

week childer 250chf

Monday – Friday 10 am – 1 pm

snow leagues snowboard

  • Rules of conduct on the slopes. (FIS rules)
  • Sliding from left to right.
  • Sliding sideways.
  • Ski lift riders
  • Sliding turns
  • Video blue.prince
  • Turns
  • Waltz
  • Wheelie
  • Double legged jump on the slope
  • Video blue.king
  • switch swings
  • Speedcheck
  • Fifty/Fifty over a simple box
  • Jump over small jumping box
  • Video
  • Information about freestyle
  • Stretch and bend turns
  • Powerslide
  • Ollie/N`Ollie on the slope
  • 180° on the slope
  • Video red.prince
  • information about nature, forest and landscape
    carved swings
  • slide on the slope
  • Ollie/N`Ollie on the slope
  • Basic Air
  • Video red.king
  • Information about Swiss Snow Academy
  • Snowboarding in unprepared terrain
  • Frontside Noseturn
  • Backside Boardslide over a box
  • Straight Air
  • Video

Snowboard Slope

  • Infos über das Material
  • Kurzschwingen
  • Switch Basic Turn gecarvt
  • Race
    – Wellen-Mulden fahren
    – Fahren in Renntoren
  • Backside Noseturn
  • Pistentrick-Combos
  • 360°

Snowboard Park

  • Info über den Wettkampfsport
  • Shifty Air
  • Grab Air
  • Spin Air
  • Box/Rail: Boardslide
  • Box/Rail: Boxtrick
  • Halfpipe/Quarterpipe: Basic Run / Straight Air

Snowboard Freeride

  • Info über Sicherheit,Lawinen und Wetter
  • Safety
    – LVS-Suche
    – Lawinenbulletin lesen
    – Linien und Haltepunkte wählen
  • Geländeangepasste Schwünge
  • Buckel fahren
  • Powderspray
  • Powdertrick
  • Powderkicker/Geländesprünge

snowboard.step in lesson

You’re standing on the snowboard for the first time and want to make first experiences?

Every Wednesday we perform a step in lesson in snowboarding. If you want to do the step in lesson, you have to do a registration. If you need the equipment, the ski school give you a voucher to pick up the equipment in one of the sports stores.

  • Implementation: Wednesday up to 4 persons
  • Meeting point: 1.50 pm Ski school Fiescheralp
Price: 60CHF incl. equipment / 40CHF without equipment

snowboard step in lesson 60chf incl. equipment

Every Wednesday 2 pm – 4 pm

more step in lessons

The first snow contact with skis for the little ones (from three years)

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You like to profit in a small group with a personal trainer. You will be at the maximum with three more children. In the individual care, our snow sport instructors will bring you quickly to your personal goal.

Private lesson you can book from Monday to Friday from to 2 pm. At the weekend, it takes place from 10 am. Please make the reservation for the weekend in advanced at least until Friday at 4 pm.

Meeting point: Ski school Fiescheralp

  • 1 person per hour 80CHF
  • 2 person per hour 90CHF
  • 3 person per hour 100CHF
  • 4 person per hour 110CHF
  • one more person per hour 25CHF

privat lesson

do a reservation per e-mail or phone

what do we offer

The first steps in the Snowgarden with our kid’s instructors will be a great experience.

From beginner to expert, we will accompany you on the snowboard.

You kneel while skiing on the uphill ski by lifting the heel of the back foot and pushing the downhill ski forward.

Cut turns and a brilliant driving experience – what a unique experience.

Experience nature outside the slopes and cope with other types of snow.